Employer Registration

Welcome to the Jackie’s Jobs Employer Registration! Thank you for becoming part of our family and filing your job placement needs with us. We look forward to locating the best candidates for your job requirements through our Influencer Network. Let’s get started…

Our fee structure is based on the salary requirements of the job you are trying to fill through our network. Unlike a traditional recruiter our fee is only 8%-12% of the candidate’s annual salary.

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Influencer Application

How can I become an Influencer?
Jackie’s Job Influencers are hand selected to meet the highest requirements that yield the best results for our clients, the hiring companies.

Our Influencer network is comprised of individuals who have strong professional careers with valuable expertise in their field. If you are a forward thinking business leader or highly networked individual who values your relationships, this is a great opportunity for you.

What does an Influencer receive?
An Influencer within Jackie’s Jobs has the chance to do what they already do today, connect job opportunities with their valued friends and colleagues, as well as share in the revenue,

Jackie’s Jobs shares a significant portion of the hiring fees with its Influencer Network with no cap on potential earnings, thus providing Influencers significant earning potential for being connected.

Stop sharing your networks without proper compensation and join Jackie’s Jobs Influencer Network today.

Want to be an Influencer?
Do you have a large network of qualified connections in your industry or city? Do you currently connect friends/peers with jobs openings you know about? Do you use social media and email to stay connected? If the answer is YES, then we would love to welcome you to Jackie’s Jobs.

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